Our design and engineering group will develop a customized audio, video and control solution that encompasses all of the display, sounds, control, lighting, structural and aesthetic objectives of the project.

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Our programmers create a touch panel control system that is intuitively easy to understand and operate. This panel controls all of the audio visual equipment and may also control lighting, and shades. The code is installed into control panel of the AV system and tested after installation and testing of the AV equipment. Our team performs on-site testing of the AV control panel to ensure that it meets the client expectations.

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The installation phase of each AV system is carefully orchestrated by our Project Manager. This person works closely with the client, general contractor and electrician to coordinate the installation and testing of all AV system components.

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Technical teams specialize in audio video systems installation and are AV industry trained and certified to implement solutions and overcome technical challenges.

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Meeting Room – Audio Visual Solutions

Meetings rooms, Board rooms, Conference rooms may have a basic audiovisual element including; an audio-video conference facility with perhaps media rail, whiteboard or flipchart. However, meeting rooms increasingly have a requirement for communicating computer or video presentations and/or videoconferencing, thus requiring Displays Likewise LFD, LCD, or for larger rooms digital projectors and screens becomes a necessity.

Training Room – Audio Visual Solutions

Training Rooms have very specific requirements .Our solution will be designed for your particular application and custom needs. We understand every solution and the project we do is unique and with latest technology. New set of rooms, spaces, space limitation facilities and application. We put our efforts in giving best of the solutions with given constraint . Our team have designed audiovisual Training Room systems for a variety of needs, including; PC/software training, medical (requiring high resolution images for radiology scans),classrooms, online exams and training centres etc, etc.

Boardrooms – Audio Visual Solutions

The audiovisual systems required for Boardrooms, are often the most advanced multimedia solutions that a company or organization will invest in, since it is often the Boardroom that hosts the most important client facing meetings, or where critical internal decisions are made.
In addition, room aesthetics and ambience are very important, and the technology must integrate seamlessly into the room architecture and furniture to take account of the; image, nature and grandeur of the space. Indagiv provide designer or CAD layouts as part of our service to assist in this process. READ MORE

Auditorium – Audio Visual Solutions

IndAgiv have designed audiovisual solutions for Theatres, Auditoriums . Our design engineers have produced solutions for many applications of use, including advanced educational establishments, medical,corporate, entertainment etc etc .
Large rooms,halls have a requirement for a great deal of attention to be placed upon the audio performance, and acoustics within the room. Generally DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology is employed to facilitate quality and ease of use for the room operator. Loudspeaker design and placement is critical and therefore an IndAgiv design will READ MORE..

Digital signage/Video Wall

We focus on achieving your workplace communication goals by understanding your unique requirements and then designing media distribution systems that empower you to achieve organizational communication objectives. Our team of specialists ensure outcomes are of superior value, user friendly and flexible. We deliver system, technology and operational certainty every day.

Versatility is the biggest advantage of digital signage. Keep your branding and messages current by keeping your audience interested. The content input covers all file types to ensure delivery of the best in READ MORE..

Multimedia / Display systems

With the world becoming technology savvy, real time, information and interactivity are in demand. Multimedia Display systems come in all shapes and sizes to cater for any application imaginable. We can offer variety display system depending upon lighting conditions, type of content to be displayed, size and resolution of the image and expected life span of the screen. We specialize in:
• Projection Systems
• LFD/LCD Panels
• LED Walls
• Interactive Displays
• Video Wall and its Processors
• Multimedia Streaming Systems
• Scheduler®

Venue AV

India is evolving in event hosting and recently come up with best audio visual venues available. The effective operational management of these buildings and precincts relies heavily on maintainance ,updates and upgrades specifically in the area of audio visual technology. This ensures every event and presentation is a success whether your audience is 20 or 200,000 people. We specialise in:
• Sound Systems
• Distributed Sound Reinforcement
• Projection and Display Systems
• Live Video Production
• Advertising Display Systems
Small and large venue spaces often present some READ MORE..

Interactive / Control systems

Centralised and integrated Control Systems enable the user to control equipment from a central interface. All features of the solution can be automated ,projectors, screens , LCD’s, Lights, even the most basic user can utilise the advanced capabilities. A boardroom touch screen interface could include the control of motorised curtains and lighting through to dialing a videoconference and playing videos. We specialize in:
• Show Control
• Interactive Kiosk Touch Screen
• Custom Software
• Dynamic Content
• Motion Detection